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Workshop Schedule 2024 

(For details please see workshop descriptions below; to book, please contact us.
Day 1: Saturday, February 17, 2024
Day 2: Sunday, February 18, 2024

Workshop Descriptions:


Intro to Ukulele with Luv

Learn about the rich history of the ukulele, the ABC's of Western music theory, and how to strum the chords to your first song! Conducted by a JHUI certified ukulele instructor with 6 years of teaching experience. Start your journey on the right note!

Cost: rs300pp

Level: beginners


Yogalele with Pallavi Shrivastava

Day two of the festival kids off with this workshop for body, mind and soul. Facilitator Pallavi combines the healing power of yoga with the magic of the ukulele in this unique experience. Immerse yourself in ukulele music and play some chords of your own as Pallavi takes you through a series of chanting, pranayama, asanas and meditation. Join her on the mat and start the day right!


Level: all


“Rhymes with Uke” Kids Ukulele Workshop with Rayna

This is a fun ukulele workshop tailored for kids aged 4 to 10! This engaging experience offers a fun introduction to the ukulele, featuring rhythm exercises with easy-to-learn chords and rhymes. Through interactive activities children will discover the magic of music while developing confidence and a love for playing the ukulele.

Cost: rs500pp

Level: all


DIY Wood Box Ukulele Making with Keaton

After last year’s runaway success of Keaton’s DIY Cookie Tin Ukulele Making, he’s back with a new variation. Build your own ukulele and decorate it as you like.

Cost: rs850pp

Level: all


Rhythm 101 by Strum Away Collective:

Learn strumming, fingerpicking, and basics of western rhythm to play your favorite songs in an enjoyable session filled with fun exercises and an exciting jam. Keep the rhythm going!

Cost: rs400pp

Level: confident beginner/novice


Songwriting with Manuka

Have you been wanting to write your own songs but aren’t quite sure how to get started? Than this workshop is for you. Manuka will work on the foundations of unlocking the creative voice, to find inspiration in the things that surround us and to hopefully start forming a song of your own.

Cost: rs200pp

Level: all


Intro to Gypsy Jazz Ukulele with Shamik

This exciting workshop will focus on the basics of the genre so intricately crafted by Django Reinhardt. Focusing on Django's 1937 recording of his iconic track Minor Swing, this workshop will present his idiosyncratic manner of playing both accompaniment and lead. The style of playing will be broken down to its fundamentals, thus making it a good entry point into a new genre for both beginners and advanced players who have been looking to venture on a new journey. (Flatpicks are required and will be provided for those who don’t have their own).

Cost: rs750 pp

Level: beginner to advanced


Tenor, Baritone and Uke Bass Show and Tell with Luv:

This is an open and unguided session for everyone who'd like to give something different a try. The original Soprano uke its perfectly lovely but the ukulele has more to offer. If you've always wanted to give the Tenor, Baritone or Uke Bass a try this is your chance. Luv and some of his Strum Away Collective will answer any questions you may have.

Cost: free

Level: all

Music Medicine on Ukulele with Nikhil B.

Presenting a safe and nurturing space to slow down, explore emotions, and reconnect with your inner self. Join us on a journey within, guided by the ukulele, voices, movement, and expressive arts, under the guidance of our Music Journey Facilitator, Nikhil B. No prior musical or artistic experience is necessary; only an open heart and a willingness to explore within. This experiential session offers a unique opportunity for anyone seeking to tap into the transformative powers of music and embrace a deeper connection with themselves. 

Cost: rs599-799pp or rs950 for 2 (if money is an issue please reach out and Nikhil will be happy to work something out)

Level: all

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